New Chance!

New Chance!

31. Dezember 2020 2 Von Michael Muschke

“It is so easy to lose focus, more specifically ›sight‹
nowadays! On the other hand … the time quality we’re in
is a great chance to change something for good. It is
impossible to run away from it! ”

It was a very special year and I restarted my love for essential oils … after a long period of hibernation. Actually this aspect is one of the best of it!

The other very important aspect of 2020 was to set down the ground rules in my remaining relationships from the past. That too was a very intense and exiting undertaking, and I am very grateful for all the support I’ve experienced. It has been a great opportunity to clarify and bring order in this aspect of my life! So — today is the last day of 2020, and I will bring order to my home, now … make it a bit more tidy.

Today it hit me — out of the blue. Friends are a good ›thing‹. Just that they ›are‹ is an unspeakable treasure. They are often enough the reason for me to live on, and I will never accept someone as a friend if this person is not standing up for his/her beliefs. That brings me to my next point. More than ever I do realize or understand:

“Egoism is the only ›thing‹ that can
destroy every aspect of life. ”

My year 2020 is over. I’ll dive now into the silent and transcendental area of life. I hope we’ll see us next year … under even more fortunate circumstances.

We should keep in mind: A few people on earth try very hard to teach us a lesson. The message is quite simple … most simple:

“We are masters of self distraction!”

We lie, ignore and cheat … destroying a whole planet! We are vein, often arrogant and all this call’s surely for a counterbalance. But — we have to be careful. Violence is not an answer! If we run further in this direction, we will damage the result and corrupt our alleged good intentions! Nature will not accept this kind of behaviour. So — with a new year before us, we can start a new habit and put some light back into our lives. I sincerely hope, that we will give up our short-sighted behaviour and transform the world into a heaven-like place.

All The Best


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